Is it time for you, a loved one or a patient of yours to start considering dentures? If so, then Advance Oral should be your first call. We are the largest denture clinic in Mooloolaba and throughout the entire Sunshine Coast. We have been operating for 20 years, 14 of them on the Sunshine Coast. For patients who are considering dentures, we can provide guidance and advice, as well as denture fitting and creation. We even offer aftercare for our patients, to help ensure an easier transition.

About Our Mobile Denture Service in Mooloolaba

While Advance Oral is known for quality dentures in Mooloolaba, we are perhaps most widely known for our mobile service. We serve many patients from our physical location in Mooloolaba, but we also realised several years ago that many of our patients were not readily able to travel to our office. Patients who need dentures often live in retirement villages, nursing homes or even hospitals. To serve our target market most effectively, we had to go mobile.

The result of this thought process was our mobile denture service in Mooloolaba. We serve not only the areas and neighbourhoods immediately adjacent to our office, but also throughout the Sunshine Coast. From Caloundra to Cooroy, we frequently travel to nursing homes, hospitals and retirement communities. We are also happy to make visits to private homes—perfect for patients who are receiving in-home care rather than living in some sort of assisted living community.

Over the years, we have found that our patients and their caregivers are extremely grateful for our mobile service. Just because you aren’t as mobile as you once were doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to things like high quality dental care. By going mobile, our denture professional in Mooloolaba can serve more people and do it more effectively.

Of course, dentures don’t materialise the moment we fit a patient for a new set. In fact, the step by step nature of getting dentures—from consultation to impressions to denture creation and denture relines—has kept many other practitioners from offering this service on a mobile basis. However, thanks to our experience at Advance Oral, we can offer a faster and more reliable service—even for mobile patients. We are happy to come to you for multiple appointments, including a free consultation and subsequent appointments to discuss your treatment plan. We will then move forward with designing and creating your dentures. If relines and repairs are needed for your dentures, we will usually be able to offer same-day service.

Choose Advance Oral as Your Denture professional

If you have been looking for a denture professional in Mooloolaba and like the idea of working with someone who travels to you instead of the other way around, then Advance Oral is the right company for you. With our state-of-the-art equipment and a team with a combined 50 years of experience in the denture industry, we will deliver the high-quality service and care you deserve. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.