Which type of dentures is right for you? What do you do if the dentures break after you start using them, or if they don’t feel quite right? How much will your dentures end up costing?

These questions are all things that we hear repeatedly at Advance Oral. Certainly, getting your first set of dentures can be a little bit scary. Our practice is dedicated to guiding you through the process with communication and professionalism. Our goal, in every case, is to deliver affordable dentures in Mooloolaba without sacrificing quality. Along the way, we will do our best to set you at ease—even if that means coming to your home to fit you for dentures rather than asking you to visit our clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dentures

To set you at ease before you get fitted for dentures, we have taken a moment to answer a few of the more common questions we hear at Advance Oral. From types of dentures to details about the repair process, these questions and answers help to shed some light on what having dentures is really like.

  • What are flexible dentures? At Advance Oral, we offer flexible dentures in Mooloolaba. However, many of our first-time patients don’t really know what flexible dentures are, or how they are different from other types of dentures. Most dentures are made of some mix of porcelain, nylon, metal and acrylic resin. These dentures often look fantastic, but their rigidity can make them uncomfortable or even painful for some patients. Flexible dentures are an alternative option. These dentures use flexible bases which can be more comfortable. They also offer faster manufacturing times, are less fragile than standard dentures and cling naturally to the gums and mouth, without requiring adhesive.
  • What is denture reline? Ideally, your dentures will fit perfectly from the first time you put them in your mouth. Any denture professional will fit, design and manufacture the dentures to fit your mouth specifically, hence the perfect fit. Over time, though, your gum tissues will shift and change a bit, affecting the fit of the dentures. Denture relining is the process of essentially revising the dentures so they fit securely in your mouth again. Advance Oral offers denture relines in Mooloolaba.
  • Are denture relines different from denture repairs? At Advance Oral, we advertise both denture relines and denture repairs at our Mooloolaba clinic. Once we explain what relines are, some patients question whether repairs and relines are the same thing. After all, isn’t relining the denture a sort of repair? By repairs, we tend to mean things like fixing cracks or putting together dentures that have broken apart or lost teeth. If you accidentally drop your dentures on the floor or into the sink, you may require this type of repair.

Call Advance Oral for Flexible Dentures, Denture Relines or Denture Repairs in Mooloolaba

At Advance Oral, we are dedicated to providing our patients with dentures that fit well, feel comfortable, offer superior function and look fantastic. If you feel that your dentures are falling short in any of these categories, give us a call today. We will work with you to decide whether you need a new set of dentures, or if the problem is solvable through relining or repair.