Advance Oral Denture Clinic is based in Mooloolaba but offers a mobile service travelling the Sunshine Coast from Caloundra to Cooroy. Our team has been operating for 14 years providing dental and denture care along the Sunshine Coast. We offer a variety of services and attentive, experienced care for those in need of denture repairs in a timely and comfortable way.

Flexible, speedy service to suit your schedule

Dentures are incredibly important for the elderly and skipping denture repairs can be trying for Sunshine Coast residents who simply want to live peacefully. Families, too, can struggle when their aged relatives are dealing with ill-fitting or broken dentures. Finding time to come to dental clinics can quite reasonably be difficult between any number of obligations. Advance Oral Denture Clinic solves this problem for you by offering a mobile denture service that visits nursing homes, retirement communities, and even private homes. You’ll be amazed at the fast turnaround time even on emergency denture repair anywhere along the Sunshine Coast.

Our good communication will put you at ease, as we will respond promptly and professionally to after-hours repair calls. It can be confusing and stressful to figure out what to do when you’re in pain during hours that many businesses aren’t open, but that’s not a problem with Advance Oral denture clinic. We’ll keep you informed, every step of the way, and work around your needs.

Even in these emergency situations, we eliminate the waiting rooms and uncertainty. By travelling to where you need us when you need us, you can remain in the comfort of your own home while we do the repairs. Learn about our convenient mobile repair service here.

Special care for our elders, personalised denture repairs for those on the Sunshine Coast

Even for those who are aware and attentive to the particularities of denture service can be caught unawares by emergency requirements. With osteoporosis, diabetes, and a variety of changing medications to treat conditions and illness that afflict the elderly, even undamaged dentures can become a serious pain in the mouth. Advance Oral denture clinic is aware of the impact that health conditions can have, and will use our knowledge to set you and your loved ones at ease.

Our knowledge extends beyond merely the technical aspects of denture repair and oral care. Our considerate and sensitive team will give the utmost respect to those living with disabilities, dementia and anxiety; conditions which can cripple easy communication in many ordinary situations. Our professionals ensure the dignity of our patients by reaching them where they are, and by providing care with appearance as well as perfect functionality for your dentures.

To ensure that your dentures fit exactly the way they should, we include several follow up appointments in the cost of relines and new dentures. With this degree of aftercare, you’ll feel fantastic with your repairs and replacements whether you visit the clinic, or we visit you with our mobile service. Contact us whenever is most convenient for you.