Based on the Sunshine Coast, the town of Mooloolaba boasts a dental clinic for professional and client-friendly service. Introducing Advance Oral Denture Clinic, with a clinical difference of note which offers various services to fulfil your dental needs, including a mobile and clinic service.

You don’t have to be terrified about your first visit to us because you will be right at home in our relaxed clinic, with experienced professionals that know how to handle any case from the mature to the disabled. We’re also good communicators that will listen to your needs and put you at ease.

Who Are We?

For the past 20 years, Advance Oral Denture Clinic has served the community from our modern facility and is the only dental service on the sunshine coast to offer a mobile and clinic service. Providing many services, as time has passed, our business has grown. We take care of all your denture repairs in Maroochydore. Our combined team boasts 50 years of experience in practice.

According to Hawler Medical University, the most common cause of fractured dentures is a poor fit. As people chew and bite with dentures, the force applied causes microfractures in the denture material, and if the upper and lower set don’t align evenly, a significant break can occur under too much pressure.

What Can We Do For You?

We offer a variety of services including, the repair of dentures in Maroochydore, as well as our state of the art denture clinic in Maroochydore where we provide a range of services that include:

Denture Relines

With this process we can improve the comfort and stability of your dentures, you’ll also be able to choose between three options of relining. We offer a standard reline, where we use acrylic material. A soft reline for comfort made with a more flexible material, and we can also insert a temporary reline, in the case where teeth still require extraction.

Denture Repairs in Maroochydore

We offer a few kinds of repairs when the need arises. Including a “Repair While You Wait”, service, where you can wait in our comfortable clinic, with up to date magazines or you can even relax in front of the television while we repair your dentures, that will take up to the minimal time of only one hour.

We also have a mobile service that you can use; we’ll simply pick up your dentures, take them to the clinic and send them back repaired on the same day. The after hour service is available outside clinic hours, so you can call us, and we’ll discuss your denture needs.


Please don’t attempt to fix your dentures with superglue or any adhesives because they could contain toxic chemicals, which could cause avoidable irritation or allergic reactions. Fixing your dentures yourself could also damage your denture further, and this will result in unnecessary expenses. In worse cases, it will have to be remade. Stop by with any denture related needs and we’ll happily aid you. Because your smile is our passion, you can also contact us online.