On the Sunshine Coast in the town of Mooloolaba lies a locally owned denture clinic responsible for the smiles of many. Advance Oral Denture Clinic and Mobile Clinic Service are here to help with all your denture needs. We offer a variety of services such as denture repairs in Kawana as well as a mobile service to aid in any off-site needs. With our State of the art denture clinic in Kawana we can also aid the needs of the mature and disabled, we have good listeners and communicators that are ready to help when required, and we offer a free assessment in our clinic to all patients. Over at our clinic, we repair dentures in Kawana with great ease because we are a team of professionals with a combined experience of 50 years.

Kawana Dentures Relining Offering:

A Standard Reline: We use hard acrylic material equal to the denture to reline it to your gums.

A Soft Reline: This is done with a softer material, used for a more comfortable fit, in the lower denture.

A Temporary Reline: A short term soft lining with material that provides a cushioning effect, and this helps to apply pressure more evenly to your gums, and it allows healing before a more durable, long term relining.

We do partial dentures: Partial dentures allow more ease when speaking and chewing, it maintains the shape of your face and prevents teeth from shifting. We make partial dentures in more than one material.

We Do Acrylic: These are more cost effective and require less time to make; they can also be relined and added to dental implants or even used as a temporary denture before getting dental implants.

We do Chrome: These are a longer term use material for a partial denture, due to the strength of the chrome, the dentures can be made smaller and provide a more comfortable wear.

We do Valplast Flexible: These are made from a flexible resin-based denture that is ideal for use as a partial denture and is also unbreakable.

Why choose us?

We have a mobile service

From Caloundra to Cooroy, we service nursing homes, hospitals, retirement villages and private homes. We will collect your broken dentures, fix them and return them the same day, simply give us a call and we’ll stop by.

We repair while you wait

With accidents happening regularly, we understand that dentures require repair and we restore your dentures while you wait in our comfortable clinic. We have the latest magazines, and you are also welcome to watch some television while we fix your dentures in only an hour. We also have an emergency after hour service that you can reach any time, you are welcome to call us, and we’ll discuss your denture-related problems. At our core, your smile is our passion. Contact Advance Oral Denture Clinic, let us address your denture needs.