If you or a loved one has dentures, you already know how hard it can be to find a professional to help you through every step of the process. Young or old, it can be an ordeal to be fitted with dentures. If you have had teeth extracted, you may experience discomfort during the process, and it can take up to a month to learn how to speak and eat properly again. At Advance Oral Denture Clinic, you will find professionals who are passionate about your smile and want to ensure your experience with dentures is a positive one.

At our state-of-the-art denture clinic on the Sunshine Coast, we understand not being able to eat the things you have always enjoyed or show your smile with confidence can lead to denture fitting being an intimate and scary time in your life. With over 35 years of helping people get a satisfying and complete denture experience, we will walk you through every step so you don’t experience anxiety or intimidation.

Dental Technicians on the Sunshine Coast Repair Your Dentures While You Wait

To make denture fittings and adjustments a less traumatic experiences, we offer “while you wait” repairs. If something happens to your dentures, we can repair them within an hour so that you can have your smile back as soon as possible. We offer a completely free health and wellness talk to groups and clubs in the area. We are proud to be denture professionals on the Sunshine Coast who offer high quality service with a fast turnaround time.

We are the only clinic on the Sunshine Coast to offer a mobile denture service. We serve nursing homes, retirement villages, hospitals, and private homes. Getting your new teeth is a very personal experience, so we are happy to assist you with access to dental technicians on the Sunshine Coast, from Caloundra to Cooroy, without asking you to leave your personal space.

We also offer emergency and after-hours services if anything goes wrong with your dentures when you least expect it. We will always greet you with a smile when you see us, and we strive to ensure your experience with us is as pleasant as possible. Our goal is to give you the diligent, stress-free care and attention you deserve when getting new dentures or having your dentures repaired.

Experienced in Dealing with the Elderly

We know most of our clients are elderly and may have unique needs or fears surrounding dental services and dentures. Our staff is trained to work respectfully with people who are in wheelchairs, living with a disability, or experiencing dementia. No matter the circumstance, your loved ones will be in safe hands with us.

We offer a free assessment in the clinic to make the experience as seamless as possible. We understand dental services can be scary regardless of your age or the condition of your teeth. We pride ourselves on our attention to every detail, including customer care that puts your mind at ease throughout your time with us.

To book an appointment, contact us today. If you are curious about the services we provide or our facilities, please see our frequently asked questions. We are here to make dental work and denture repair comfortable and safe experiences for you and your loved ones. Come to Advance Oral Denture Clinic and let us take care of your smile.