Advance Oral offers the latest in new denture technology on the Sunshine Coast

New Dentures

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Dentures can be an important solution to tooth loss. Today’s dentures are not like the ones your grandmother wore – they are more comfortable and natural looking than they were in the past. At Advance Oral we offer a free consultation where we can discuss the denture options that best suit your needs. We can help -with full dentures, partial dentures, implant retained and immediate dentures, and everything in between. We offer several cosmetic denture options to allow you to personalise your denture and give you the appearance of having all natural teeth. We strive to make our cosmetic options as natural as possible, making it difficult for people to even notice that you are wearing a denture. Our cosmetic options include:

  • Gum Tinting
  • Clear Palates
  • Permanent Identification Labelling
  • Tooth Coloured Clasps
  • Gold Inlays
  • Choosing the shade and quality of your teeth
  • Flexible clasps

Generally, a new set of dentures will take around 2-3 weeks to be made, however we realise that in some cases people lose their denture or need an emergency replacement. In these cases, we can replace your denture in as little as 24 hours.
Let our talented team at Advance Oral create you an amazing smile that will help you smile with confidence!

Gum Tinting, Clear Palate, Gold Inlays, Tooth Coloured Clasps, Permanent Identification, Choose Your Shade.